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'O' Gauge
'OO' Gauge
Welcome to the M.A.R.C. Models Picture Gallery web page.
We offer a variety of bespoke models that represent the very best in quality for the railway enthusiast.
Click on any description to take you to the picture of your choice.

(M) = Picture of scale model & (R) = Picture of real life size rolling stock
Coronation Scot Information and formation leaflet (M)
Coronation Scot full train set in a garden layout (M)
Coronation Scot Corridor Third Brake coach (M)
Coronation Scot First Brake coach (M)
Coronation Scot First Corridor coach (M)
Coronation Scot Kitchen Car (M)
Coronation Scot Vestibule First Diner coach (M)
Coronation Scot Vestibule Third Diner coach (M)












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