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On arrival back on shed at Wolsztyn
After a trip of 310 miles on the Polish State Railways, during the course of one day in January 2003 complete with our own headboard adorning a PM 36-2 Pacific "Piekna Helena".
Mike Radford a life long railway enthusiast, all starting at Lowestoft Harbour with Charlie and his Sentinel shunter as a schoolboy in 1946 and has not been off footplates since!

Mike is also a keen modeller of all things railway.
We are always happy to discuss requests to build kits from all manufacturers in any scale. If you would like to know more, contact us by phone (+44 208 440 5918) or by email to to request the current information.
Smoke deflectors are now available either as a kit of parts, soldered ready to fit or soldered and painted.
We manufacturer a small range of castings and etching, including seating units, curtains and various size tables to complement your own coaches. Please call for details.
Contact us to see if we can build the ideal model for your layout or showcase. If you prefer, visit us at a future exhibition to discuss the options available.
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